Opportunities for Undergraduate Engineers

Hey Georgia Tech Engineers!

My name is Kevin Kapoor, and I’m an engineer working for Arrow Electronics, Inc. Arrow Electronics is looking to hold incentivized focus group research studies for our design tool, enVision, and our ecommerce platform, parts.arrow.com. We are opening this research to a select few of the top engineering universities in the nation. The incentive is a $100 American Express gift card that will be given by the end of the 90-minute study. We will also be discussing summer internship opportunities at Arrow.

For students that are interested in participating, the first step is filling out this very brief survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TYCJS37 . This survey is designed to ensure we select students with the proper knowledge and background to ensure we have the right participants in the room. We will then follow up with the students that are selected to briefly familiarize them with Arrow and our design tool. We will hold a focus group on Tech’s campus on Wednesday, October 29th.

We are looking to pull from the expertise of the students selected in order to create tools to help future design engineers. In addition to the research study, we will discuss Arrow’s summer internship program and opportunities available to students.

If you have further questions refer to the contact information below.

Kevin Kapoor

Global Marketing Coordinator

Arrow Electronics, Inc.

7459 S. Lima St. Bldg. 2

Englewood, CO 80112

(M) 423-307-2304

(O) 303-824-4039