Prabha Viswanathan


City: Portland, OR

Education: BS/MS in Computer Engineering (Georgia Tech)

Current job: Cloud Performance Engineer at Intel corporation

Past jobs: Software Developer co-op at Ventyx, an ABB company, Performance Analysis Intern with Intel Projections team




  Paige Carpentier



City: San Francisco, CA

Education: BS in EE (Georgia Tech), MS in AE (Georgia Tech), Ph.D. In AE (University of Texas at Arlington)

Current job: FEA Analyst, Apple

Past jobs: Mechanical Design and Analysis Engineer, Motorola Mobility



Nicole Rennals


Nicole Rennals headshot


City: Portland, OR

Education: BS in EE (Georgia Tech), MBA (Harvard Business School)

Current job: Launch Manager – Marketing,Tektronix

Past jobs: Eaton Leadership Development Program for Operations Engineers, Eaton Corp.
Power Systems Engineer, Eaton Corp.





Anya Skomorokhova


Anya Skomorokhova Headshot


City: Atlanta, GA

Education: BS in EE (Georgia Tech)

Current job: AnswerRocket

Past jobs: Solution Consultant, AnswerRocket
Business Analyst, Deloitte
Product Management & Marketing Analyst, NCR




Christine Kho


Christine Kho headshot


City: Marietta, GA

Education: BSEE/MSECE (BS/MS Program at Georgia Tech)

Current job: Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Past jobs:





Shruti Gupta


Shruti Gupta headshot


City: San Jose, CA

Education: BE in ECE (Georgia Tech), MS in EE (Stanford University)

Current job: Software/Firmware Engineer, MoSys Inc.

Past jobs: System Design Engineer, SanDisk





Sarah Rao


Sarah Rao headshot

City: Sunnyvale, CA

Education: BSEE 2005 (Georgia Tech), MSECE 2006 (Georgia Tech)

Current job: Software Developer, BIT Systems

Past jobs: Member of Technical Staff, Rincon Research Corporation






Jenny Liu


Jenny Liu headshot

City: Los Angeles, CA

Education: BSEE (Georgia Tech), MSECE (Georgia Tech)

Current job: Communication Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman

Past jobs: GRA, GTRI






Anita Chow


Anita Chow headshot


City: Austin, TX

Education: BS in EE (Georgia Tech)

Current job: Senior Manager, Business & Technology Delivery

Past jobs: