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The GREEN Program will enhance your understanding and perspective of the
Renewable Energy industry by taking you outside of the classroom, and into
the field. Providing you exclusive access into five different Renewable
Energy facilities in Costa Rica, you will receive the hands-on knowledge
you need to accelerate your career. The GREEN program provides a perfect
balance of interactive online modules, engaging group discussions, and
exclusive facility visits to inform, engage, and inspire students.

The GREEN Program is now accepting
applications for our spring break and summer programs. We recently hosted
two students from Georgia Institute of Technology on our past winter
programs. Here are their student testimonials:

Nicholas Macie, Environmental Engineering, Class of 2013

*”The GREEN Program is honestly one of a kind. Whether you know your path
or not, GREEN will change your life for the better. It may be through
knowledge gained, friends made, or experiencing the culture, but it will
happen. The GREEN Program gets you thinking not just about renewable
energy, but about who you are, what you want and what you stand for. It’s a
life altering experience. I plan on recommending this program to all of my
friends and pushing the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at
GeorgiaTech to suggest this trip to the students. I really believe everyone
can benefit from this experience. Thanks for all the fun, learning and love
over the last two weeks guys. It was amazing.”*
Raymond Chouinard, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Class of 2012
“The GREEN Program is one of those opportunities that really can be called
life-changing. I’ve done more new things, been to more new places and met
more great new people in the past twelve days than I ever though possible,
and all of it has been fantastic. GREEN is going to stay with me, in the
best sense imaginable, for a long time.

If you have even the slightest interest in ecotourism, if you have any urge
to travel, if you want to make even a few new friends or if you feel the
need to contribute to building a better world, then stop reading this and
apply to this program right now. I guarantee you will not regret it.”

HydroElectric | Biomass | Geothermal | Solar | Wind
Twelve Days | Renewable Energy | Costa Rica | Industry Networking
Entrepreneurship | Adventure | Sustainability | Innovative Technology
Community Service | Clean Tech | Hands-On | Career Accelerator
Cultural Immersion | Opportunities
Open to All Majors

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GREEN students experience 12 days of education, adventure excursions, and
cultural immersion activities during the program.

GREEN goes beyond the program by providing opportunities, internships,
jobs, conference events, through the interactive Alumni Network, which
continually connects like minded GREEN students, industry professionals,
educators, and entrepreneurs.

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If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming programs, please submit
your application<>at
your earliest convenience since spots are filling up quickly! Once you
are accepted, a personal representative will be happy to guide you through
the registration steps and answer any questions you may have. *


*Program Dates:*

*12-Day WINTER BREAK Programs*

December 12th – December 23rd

December 27th – January 7th (*Program Full!)*

January 3rd – January 14th *(Program Full!)*

January 9th* – Special SUNY Stony Brook Faculty-led Program (Program Full)*


*9-Day SPRING BREAK Programs*

March 2nd – March 10th (Limited Spots)

March 9th – March 17th (Program Full)

March 16th – March 24th (Program Full)

March 23rd – March 31st (Limited Spots)


*Summer 2013 Programs Now Open*

12-day programs in May, June, July, August, and September

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