Engineering Week Events

Chalking Friday February 15th – Sunday February 17th

Help us promote E-Week with your artistic talent and make quick money. Design and chalk an E-Week advertisement anywhere on campus and earn yourself $10. Limited to the first 5 people to sign up.

Engineering Fair Monday, February 18

Come enjoy activities and entertainment courtesy of some of Georgia Tech’s Engineering organizations and clubs. Between the race cars, model planes, and free pizza, this is an event you cannot miss!

Can-Struction, Monday February 18th

Cans will be provided by TBP, but teams will have an option of buying additional cans for charity. The team with the most creative structure wins $100.

Paper Airplane, Tuesday February 19th

Individuals will design a plane out of construction paper and launch it from CULC’s roof. The plane that flies the farthest will win $25. The plane with the best flight path will win $25.

Sky Floater Contest, Tuesday February 19th
Teams will try to defy gravity with a helium filled balloon, paper clips, and scotch tape.  The first team to keep the balloon hovering in place wins $75!

Humpty Dumpty Drop, Wednesday February 20th
Teams will design egg protection devices which will be dropped in Bobby Dodd Stadium.  Winning device gets $100 prize.

Engineering Movie Night, Wednesday February 20th
We will be showing Iron Man 2 in Howey L1, complete with popcorn and sodas.

Comedy Night, Thursday February 21st
Come join us for some laughs in the CULC 152 starting around 7PM on Thursday.

Rubik’s Cube Competition, Friday February 22nd
Individual students can come by our table in the student center and try to solve the Rubik’s cube with the best time on campus. If you’re the fastest you’ll earn a quick $75! Second place will get a cool $25.