Mentoring and Tutoring

ECE Tutoring Program

The School of ECE recommends the IEEE tutoring program, which is designed to help students with major specific core courses. Tutoring hours are posted on the IEEE site.  The tutoring location is in Klaus 1446.

Need a Mentor?

The advantages of having a mentor in the school of ECE are enormous. A mentor is not an academic tutor, though most mentors don’t mind helping you out with really difficult concepts. A mentor offers advice on any number of subjects and can help you build your social network in ECE. If you are interested in having an undergraduate or graduate mentor, contact us at

Need a Mentee?

Having a mentee builds up your communication and teaching skills. Besides that, it is empowering to help out the next class of Tech undergrads. Help us help them by contacting

Mentoring Programs on Campus

Mentor Jackets by Student Alumni Association

A year long student-to alumni mentoring program designed to help students prepare for the real world – view more information here.

Mentors and Mentees by Women in Engineering

A year long peer student mentoring program where upperclassmen are paired with freshmen and sophomores to help them succeed at Georgia Tech – view more information here.

Tutoring Programs on Campus – Courtesy of the College of Engineering

  • 1-to-1 Tutoring: The Office of Success Programs offers free tutoring to all Georgia Tech undergraduate students. Tutoring is offered in over 60 courses, with an emphasis on introductory freshman- and sophomore-level courses. Tutors in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ECE, ME, as well as other courses are available to meet with a student for a one hour session each week. All of our tutors are accomplished undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Shell Tutoring Program: With the generous support of Shell Oil Company, the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering is able to offer tutoring in the ME and COE classes.
  • Sophomore Excel Cohort: The Sophomore EXCEL Cohort is the premier academic support program for second-year students who are not meeting their own academic expectations.  Coordinated by the Office of Success Programs, the EXCEL Cohort program seeks to provide members personalized attention and customized success plans.  Cohort members also gain access to additional academic support services including 1-to-1 Tutoring, Academic Coaching, and PLUS sessions.
  • Office of Minority Education (OMED): Educational Services is the unit charged by Georgia Tech with the retention, development, and performance of the complete student learner who is traditionally underrepresented: African American, Hispanic, and Native American. With an innovative approach to promoting excellence, by stimulating life-long learning, and cultivating high-performing problem solvers, OMED equips students with the strategies to navigate the Georgia Tech environment. OMED Programs, while targeted to the underrepresented, are beneficial and open to all Georgia Tech students. Note: a female ECE student is considered a minority and is eligible for OMED tutoring.
  • Office of Success Programs: The Office of Success Programs is committed to developing diverse programs and partnerships that enhance the retention and academic performance of Georgia Tech undergraduates. Our Academic Support programs and services assist students in exploring their full potential as they develop into lifelong learners.