Caitlyn Caggia


City: Cary, NC

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering  [Georgia Tech]

Current job: Future Technical Leader (FTL) Program at Northrop Grumman

Past jobs:  IBM Intern (Raleigh, NC), Cisco Intern (San Jose, CA), and Northrop Grumman Intern (Baltimore, MD and San Diego, CA)

Other Highlights: 

  • Teaching Assistant for Physics and ECE 3005
  • Georgia Tech Equestrian Team
  • Former Freshman Liaison/Industry Relations Chair/President, current Grad Committee Chair for WECE
  • former COO and current member at large of the GT Student Foundation’s Board of Trustees
  • Participated in Research during undergrad


Sheena Patel

CityPortland, OR

EducationBS in Electrical Engineering 

Current job: Product Marketing Engineer for Texas Instruments

Past jobs: Materials Science research at Georgia Tech & UT-El Paso characterizing electrical properties of thin film materials, PCB Design internship at General Electric, Startup co-founder who participated in Georgia Tech’s Startup Launch summer program



Anya Skomorokhova


City: Atlanta, GA

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Science w/ concentration in Machine Learning [Georgia Tech]

Current jobProduct Manager, OneTrust

Past jobsSolution Consultant, AnswerRocket
Business Analyst, Deloitte
Product Management & Marketing Analyst, NCR


Holly Parrish


Education: BS in Computer Engineering, M.S. in Computer Science [Georgia Tech]

Current job: Ernest&Young as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Past jobs:  IBM Intern (Raleigh, NC), Cisco Intern (San Jose, CA), and Northrop Grumman Intern (Baltimore, MD and San Diego, CA)

Other Highlights: 

” As part of my job, I work on automating the intel collection process, manage the threat intel platform (TIP), and generally provide relevant information to our clients.”

“In my 2 years with EY, I have received my GSEC certification,  became a finalist in an innovation content, got promoted to ‘Senior Analyst’, and will be presenting at the 2019 Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) conference.”


Lakshmi Raju


City: Augusta, GA

EducationBS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Current job: NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Cai Lab as an ECE Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech

Past jobs: Intern at Northrop Grumman, Intern at Lockheed Martin, and Intern at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Student Assistant in the EOSL Group at GTRI, ECE 3005 Head GTA, WECE Secretary, Technique Assistant Editor


Delagermaa Nergui


Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering [Georgia Tech]

Current job: Graduate Research Assistant at Silicon-Germanium Devices and Circuits Lab

Past jobs:  IEEE Tutor for a course in Electrical Energy Systems (Georgia Tech).

Jenny Liu


CityLos Angeles, CA

EducationBSEE (Georgia Tech), MSECE (Georgia Tech)

Current jobCommunication Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman

Past jobsGRA, GTRI


Nicole Rennals


CityPortland, OR

EducationBS in EE (Georgia Tech), MBA (Harvard Business School)

Current jobLaunch Manager – Marketing,Tektronix

Past jobsEaton Leadership Development Program for Operations Engineers, Eaton Corp.
Power Systems Engineer, Eaton Corp.